A few examples of the coils that we can manufacture.

If you can draw it we can make it. Samples and tooling are usually free but will depend on the complexity of the coil and the quantity you require.
There are no ongoing tooling charges, maintenance of the tooling is our responsibility. It will not cost you a penny to see if we can help you and
to see the quality of our work. Wire sizes are from 0.032mm to 2.00mm diameter and possibly larger with full materials traceability.

Please excuse the amateur pictures, I am an engineer not a photographer.

3 coils all wound on a 8 mm diameter mandrel with 1 mm diameter enamelled copper wire. Wound using a CNC coil winder. Just a change of
the command code made these 3 different coils on the same mandrel.

CNC coil windings

Mechanical stripping and dip soldering.

Stripping and dip soldering

LF RX antenna coil - Coil ID = 52mm x 14mm x 2.8mm thick. 100 turns wound with 38 SWG self bonding wire. This coil was also wound on a
CNC coil winder using an orthocyclic winding process.

CNC coil using orthocyclic method

Digital recording head erase coil. The core is 9 mm long. The wire dia. is 0.056 mm. There is 235 turns on the core.

Digital recording head erase winding

Digital recording head write coil. The core is 9 mm long. The wire dia. is 0.063 mm. There is 250 turns on the core.

Digital recording head write winding

Heater elements 1.5mm diameter by 24mm long as an example. Wound with 80/20 Nickel Chrome Bright Annealed 0.081mm diameter wire.
The coils can be supplied with or without leads.

Heating Element
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